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The Life Decisions Program



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What Is It?

The Life Decisions Program is designed to help you make your big life decisions with more confidence and clarity - and less fear.
It is based on my healing and bliss work with over 20,000 advisees and is a time-tested method for getting very, very clear on “what to do with your life”, in any major life decision you may be facing, very quickly and efficiently.
If you have a big life decision you are grappling with right now, for instance:
  • Whether to stay or leave in a relationship

  • Whether to take a particular job offer or stay at your current job

  • Whether to change your overall life direction for a completely different path

  • Or even if you just have a general feeling of being “stuck in life” and are not sure what to do next

The Life Decisions Program will help you get to an altogether new level of clarity and confidence around your ideal life direction, in a fast and easy manner.

How Does It Work?
Every big life decision is a tension between two forces:
The Expectations of Society
(from your family, parents, peers and overall culture)
Your Own Inner Desires
(what you actually love to do, care about and value in your life and soul)

We are typically trained to ignore and suppress our own inner desires, but they always come back - sooner or later - to “grab the steering wheel of our life” whether we like to admit it or not, in the form of:
  • A sudden loss of energy and inability to “get out of bed in the morning”, without a lot of coffee and brute force

  • Sudden, unexplained physical ailments - random little injuries, “clumsiness” and dropping things, or even a full-blown medical scare - to make us stop and get our attention

  • Feelings of paralysis and stuckness in life, where we are not satisfied with our life as it is, but feel powerless to change it

  • Anxiety attacks, feelings of clenching in the body, general “stress” and anger issues

  • Outright disruption and self-sabotage - in the form of job underperformance, extramarital affairs, substance abuse, food issues and many others

All these are powerful signs that the two forces within you - the force for following the expectations of society, and the force for following your own inner desires - both fully valid and reasonable - are in profound conflict - yes they are both reasonable, but they do not agree, and they are not reconciled, and yet they are equally powerful - and so you are in a state of paralysis and stalemate.
In the Life Decisions Program, we help you understand the exact reasons for the conflict of these two forces within you, so that you can chart a balanced “middle way” between them, in order to clear the stalemate and move forward in your life - with full clarity and confidence and no more fear.

What Do I Get?
The Life Decisions Program includes over 11 hours of detailed, step-by-step guidance so it is very comprehensive.  
However, the training is spread out over 40+ individual sessions, so that it is organized into very small and easy-to-absorb chunks - the average length of each session is only 15 minutes, so you can easily move through the program at your own most comfortable pace.
There are also printable worksheets so you can do the key decision making exercises we will teach you during the program, so you have a written journal of your own process to come back to and refine and update over time.
Your access to the program does not expire, so you can use the decision making tools for the major life decision you are grappling with right now, but then also come back to the program, again and again, to support you with every other major life decision you will face in the future, all throughout the rest of your life!

Fully Guaranteed
The Life Decisions Program is fully guaranteed - if you are not happy with the program for any reason in the first 60 days, just email us and we will process an easy and stress-free refund.

Limited-Time Bonus Offer
For a limited time, when you purchase the Life Decisions Program you will also get these four exclusive bonus sessions, to amplify the power of the program in your life even more:

Bonus #1: Embodied Life Decision Making
How to use cues from your body and “felt sense” to guide you in making your big life decisions. 
The body never lies - but we are trained to ignore its cues. 
This session will give you a method for consulting your body “as an oracle” and a “definitive life compass” to help you find the highest path of your best life, every time

Bonus #2: Special Meditation Technique for Breakthrough Insights
Learn a special technique for using meditation to generate stunning, breakthrough insights for whatever the “#1 biggest problem in your life” is, at any given time.  
This technique is compatible with any form of unguided, solo meditation style you may prefer.
Very doable even if you have zero meditation experience.

Bonus #3: Quickfire Method for Finding Your Bliss
Learn a special “quickfire method” for how to find the “Golden Thread” overall direction of your highest life purpose. 
Knowing this overall direction will then help guide you in making your big life decisions all along your life path, with the confidence that you are at least going in the right direction of your highest bliss, even if you do not have the entire vision of your bliss fully clarified yet.

Bonus #4: Using Your Dreams to Guide Your Big Life Decisions
When you are in a major life decision making process, your dreams will often “fire up” to assist you and guide you, but all too often, we miss their powerful messages.  
This session will help you decipher the more powerful themes and patterns that come up in dreams during challenging periods in our lives, so you can benefit from this powerful source of wisdom and guidance, from within your own inner self.

These Four Exclusive Bonuses are not available for separate purchase, and are only available during this limited-time promotional offer
Finally: The Importance of Starting Now
Your "Big Life Decisions” are the times in your life when you can’t afford to “get it wrong” or just “take it as it comes” - the stakes are simply too high - and you deserve the best guidance and support you can get, to make the best possible decision for your life - for what you truly desire, within your deepest inner self, and for your highest bliss and life purpose.


If you have any questions, you may email me anytime at, and I look forward to hearing from you!