The Life Decisions Program

  • The Importance of Starting Now
    Your “Big Life Decisions” are the times in your life when you can’t afford to “get it wrong” or just “take it as it comes” - the stakes are simply too high - and you deserve the best guidance and support you can get, to make the best possible decision for your life - for what you truly desire in your own precious and sovereign life, and for your highest bliss and life purpose.

    What Do I Get?
    The Life Decisions Program includes over 11 hours of detailed, step-by-step guidance so it is very comprehensive.  

    However, the training is spread out over 40+ individual sessions, so that it is organized into very small and easy-to-absorb chunks - the average length of each session is only 15 minutes, so you can easily move through the program at your own most comfortable pace.

    There are also printable worksheets so you can do the key decision making exercises we will teach you during the program, so you have a written journal of your own process to come back to and refine and update over time.

    Your access to the program does not expire, so you can use the decision making tools for the major life decision you are grappling with right now, but then also come back to the program, again and again, to support you with every other major life decision you will face in the future, all throughout the rest of your life!


    Fully Guaranteed
    The Life Decisions Program is fully guaranteed - if you are not happy with the program for any reason in the first 60 days, just email us and we will process an easy and stress-free refund!

    About Artie Wu
    A father, meditation teacher, international speaker, and former founder and CEO of two Silicon Valley tech companies, Artie Wu began Preside Life in 2011 as a hobby-project.

    Over a decade later, he has taught and guided over 100,000 advisees around the world, many of whom have taken his signature online program - 7-Day Healing.

    With degrees from Harvard and Stanford, his passion is advising and guiding people of all ages and backgrounds on their lifelong journeys from healing to bliss.

    Artie has been featured in the Gaia film, Transcendence 2: Life Beyond the Ordinary, as an expert on finding your bliss, and also taught at the 2020 Embodiment Conference.

    Most recently, he has also been featured in the 2021 Total Wellness Summit by the Food Matters Network, speaking on the topic of “Healing Trauma, Addiction and Finding Lasting Bliss".

    His online programs on relationships, parenting, sleep, and finding calm have been transformative for advisees all around the world.

    In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic in March 2020, Artie began a free, online Sunday morning talk called "Live Sacred Space" in order to offer comfort in times of uncertainty and fear. 
    Monthly topics range from healing money wounds, to the power of reclaiming your voice, to readings of world myths and fairy tales through a mythopoetic lens.