The Path of Meditation

When I ask people why they want to meditate, the number one answer is “to relieve my stress and anxiety”. They have worries about money, their career paths, parenting issues, health issues — all the normal things you’d expect — and they are really, really anxious and stressed about them.

Some are stressed to the point of self-medicating, with alcohol or pills. Others are caught in a punishing loop of self-perfectionism — of body, of family, of career and image.

Everyone is looking for an easier, healthier, drama-free way of calming things down – within themselves, and in the larger sphere of their everyday lives.

One first step for many people is to try some form of basic meditation.

The Open Study Group

For this, Preside offers a program called the Open Study Group, a free weekly series which teaches a complete set of meditation exercises and accompanying theory, aimed at the beginner who is interested in non-spiritual meditation for simple, quick relief of their everyday stress and anxiety. The typical mediation exercise is only 3–5 minutes long, and fully guided.

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Private Study Groups

Beyond the Open Study Group, we also offer a number of
Private Study Groups for more specific needs like:

  1. improving sleep. falling asleep, or getting back to sleep after waking up at night.
  2. meditation-in-action. if you don’t have time to sit and meditate at all.
  3. calming anxiety. to attain meditative calm, even without using any meditation.
  4. advanced practices. for experienced meditators who are looking to deepen their practice.

Private Study Groups are held entirely online and designed to accommodate all schedules and timezones. They are offered by invitation-only for alums and current participants of the Open Study Group or Beginning Healing Series.

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