The Money Healing Program

The Money Healing Program


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What Is It?

The Money Healing Program is designed to help you heal a lifelong wound around money, where there is so much discomfort and anxiety when it comes to money, that it is blocking the feelings of comfort, ease and joy in your life.
Your strain and anxiety around money may be so great that it has led you to make difficult trade-offs around money in your life.
For instance:
  • Where you have lost health and well-being in the pursuit of money

  • Where you have lost integrity in the things you have been pressured into doing for money

  • You have lost relationships because of the strain and conflict around money

  • Or you have even lost your sense of bliss and higher direction in life, because you have ended up working “only for money”

If you have experienced these kinds of impossible trade-offs in your life - all of which are very typical - the Money Healing Program will help you get to an altogether new level of clarity and reconciliation around the right and proper role of money in your life - where you will make and use money with full comfort, health and integrity, and fully in the service of your highest life direction and bliss.


How Does it Work?

Typically, we get a wound in childhood (through no fault of our own) where we are taught that “too little” money is bad and shameful - but “too MUCH” money is also cause for suspicion, guilt and shame.
This leads to a fraught, lifelong push-and-pull with money, where we of course need money to live and thrive, but we are also fearful of getting “too much”.
And so the flow of money in our life becomes volatile - on-again and off-again - as we push-and-pull with our fear and desire over money.
This instability then ends up distracting us from our health, our integrity, our important relationships, and even our life’s higher purpose and bliss.
In the Money Healing Program, we help you identify these levels of “too little” and “too much” money within you, and how exactly they got to be that way, from your own unique life history.
We then show you how to transcend these money boundaries, so that you are making and using money in your life - not according to inherited ideas of generational money shame - but according to your life’s highest purpose and direction.
Money is ultimately a reflection of your personal, sovereign power.
And if you dismiss money, use it “just as a tool” and exploit it - and yet in the same breath vilify it as the “root of all evil” - then you are doing all these things to your own sovereign power as well.
And that is not ok.
The Money Healing Program will help you recognize money as a valid life force within you, and a powerful source of wisdom and guidance - as a major reflection of your own sovereign power - so you can heal your rightful connection to money in your life, and live the abundant, thriving life of fulfillment and higher purpose that you were always meant to live.

What Do I Get?

The Money Healing Program includes over 11 hours of detailed, step-by-step guidance so it is very comprehensive.
However, the training is spread out over 40+ individual sessions, so that it is organized into very small and easy-to-absorb chunks - the average length of each session is only 15 minutes, so you can easily move through the program at your own most comfortable pace.
There are also printable worksheets so you can do the key healing exercises we will teach you during the program, so you have a written journal of your own process to come back to and refine and update over time.
Your access to the program does not expire, so you can use the money healing tools for the major money issues you are grappling with right now, but then also come back to the program, again and again, to support you with every other money issue you will face in the future, all throughout the rest of your life!

Fully Guaranteed

The Money Healing Program is fully guaranteed - if you are not happy with the program for any reason in the first 60 days, just email us and we will process an easy and stress-free refund.


Limited-Time Bonus Offer

For a limited time, when you purchase the Money Healing Program you will also get these two exclusive bonus sessions, to amplify the power of the program in your life even more:
Bonus #1: The Hidden Secret of Manifesting Money
With “manifestation”, we typically hear about the importance of “positive affirmations” and “overcoming limiting beliefs".
However, the true practice of manifestation goes far deeper than this.
For manifestation to actually “work”, it needs to be tied into your highest life purpose and bliss, and also has to involve your body and its visceral felt sense, not just your intellect and mind.
Near the end of the Money Healing Program, we talk about the full practice of manifestation and how it relates to money and your highest life purpose - but we stop short of the embodiment side of the practice.
In this very special Bonus Session, we will “go all the way” and also share the embodiment dimension of manifestation, and how to use it to fully and properly manifest money in your life.
Bonus #2: What If My Bliss Does Not Make Money?
Often when we find and follow our bliss, we discover that it is not "traditionally lucrative" - for instance, the healing arts, visual arts, performing arts - music, dance, theater and film, poetry - and even teaching and caregiving, and even military service.
So if we find our bliss, but our bliss does not “make money”, how are we supposed to reconcile our relationship with money?
This very special Bonus Session will go into the detail of what are called the “gift professions” - professions where the value of what is rendered is categorically unable to be reciprocated through a wage, or through any kind of transactional money exchange - where part of the exchange must then be categorized as a “gift” in the sacred sense, with all the attendant (and challenging) physics of that phenomenon.
What does it mean to be in a gift profession - a sacred calling - where your life’s very purpose is to be a giver of your gift to the world - but where the world around you is largely of the profane?
As a gift-giver in a profane world, this means you will be vulnerable in the world in a very specific way, and this Bonus Session will outline 1) what that means and 2) what your options are for protecting yourself and protecting your gift, while still living out your true life’s purpose.
These Two Exclusive Bonuses are not available for separate purchase, and are only available during this limited-time promotional offer

Finally: The Importance of Starting Now

Healing your connection with money is often the biggest factor that can make or break your path in life.
Your relationship with the life force of money - and your own sovereign power - is often the key deciding factor in whether you will just “survive and get by” in your life, or whether you will truly flourish and fulfill your deeper bliss, and higher meaning and purpose in life.
On the journey of healing your lifelong money wounds, you deserve the best guidance and support you can get, to have the money and the life you truly desire, within your deepest inner self, and for your highest bliss and life purpose.



If you have any questions, you may email me anytime at, and I look forward to hearing from you!