The Path of Healing

As a person further engages their inner voice, many will find that it is not just anxious, but actually highly self-negative and self-defeating, and in a kind of deep conflict with the “rest” of the self.

In this scenario, meditation will be very difficult to keep up over a sustained period of time – and may not help much anyway – since the experience of “sitting with your inner voice” is simply too disheartening, even too stressful, for you to ever want to do it on a routine basis.

This type of inner conflict is almost always the result of a kind of accident in one’s early life, an unwitting mistake through which a part of you was deeply wounded, cut off and exiled from the rest of you.

The task then turns to understanding the wound — what it is, where it came from, and how it is influencing your current life path — and then finding the right path to healing.

Here at Preside Life, we teach a very specific, unique method for helping people heal this type of wound, quickly and privately.

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