The Path of Bliss

Once a student has largely healed their inner conflict and self-negativity, a wonderful question arises:

“Now that you are free and at peace, what will you do with all that extra time and energy?”

At Preside, we strongly believe that every person has within them a collection of “lines of bliss”, which are innate and naturally-occurring, like the lines of grain in wood.

To find and follow these lines of bliss is to find, eventually, the true purpose and meaning of your life — which you will also discover to be deeply entwined with the well-being of the life of the world around you.

The most common barrier to bliss in most people is precisely this wound of self-negativity and inner conflict that we addressed with healing — this is the angry inner voice that will staunchly hold that we “have no time” and are “too busy” to seek our bliss and true life purpose. There is really no arguing with this voice, since it comes from such a deep place of wounding and pain — and the only way to resolve it is to heal the underlying wound.

Once the wound is healed though, look out! With its barriers removed, your lines of bliss are unblocked, and will start to flow powerfully through you, and then extend out into the life of the world around you. You will enter into a deep and fruitful period of aligning all aspects of your life to be in concert with the naturally-occurring lines of your bliss.

To support this extraordinary process, we offer the Bliss Study Group, a special series designed to help frame and give context to the key issues you will encounter as you allow your bliss to unfold, and to support and accelerate your process during all its major phases, all throughout the rest of your life.

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