welcome to preside.

a modern path to meditation, healing and bliss.


it starts with a simple question:

"how do I quiet my anxious inner voice?"

numbing it is temporary.

suppressing it leads to inner conflict.

but if you can treat it as a partner,

it will become calm and clear,

and then finally support you.

this is our approach to meditation.


sometimes, we discover that:

"my inner voice is negative."

severely, harshly negative.

it is a painful inner wound.

it drives us to suppress and fight against it.

our whole life is disrupted,

and we hurt ourselves further in the process.

instead of running or fighting, we must engage it.

our inner voice is actually trying to help us.

it just doesn't know how.

but it is willing to be taught.

this is our approach to healing.

"Your skills made it possible for me to calmly be... and to feel a new strength within my being."

Kristen A

"Your exercises are fantastic and I slept very well."

Luis M

"In my life nothing has resonated more about this internal me. Reading it, I can see a lot of the "why" of many of my behaviors."

Walter B

"I don't know where to begin, except to say this resonates with me 250%!!"

Lynn D

"I know there is a long journey ahead of me, but I am really looking forward to it now. I am no longer afraid of what I will find inside, I rather find it exciting."

Lucia G


after we are healed, a wonderful question arises:

"what do we do with the rest of our lives, now that we are free and at peace?"

within every person, there is a natural inner flow,

like the lines of grain in wood.

to find and follow these lines of bliss

is to discover at last,

the true purpose and meaning of your life .

not what you like to do,

not what you are told to do,

but what you must do,

from deep within your core.

this is your task after healing.

this is our approach to bliss.