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The 7-Day Healing Program


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What Is It?

The 7-Day Healing Program is designed to help heal a deep emotional wound from early life, which is causing you pain, anger and anxiety, and holding you back from your full thriving, joy and bliss in life. 

It is based on my healing and bliss work with over 20,000 advisees and is a time-tested method for getting very clear on what your personal, unique inner wound actually is, so that we can heal it, unblock our lives, and live the full thriving life we were actually meant to live.


How Does It Work?

Every life-blocking emotional wound has two parts: 

The trauma, shaming, ridicule and criticism that you suffered in early life - through no fault of your own
The authentic part of your inner self that you were forced to stuff down - in response to the wounding you suffered - in order to “get along", conform, and protect yourself from further shaming and wounding


Now there is nothing we can do to reverse the first part of the wound - the historical wounding you suffered - that is all in the past. 

However, we can still address the second part of the wound - to try and identify and recover that part of you that you stuffed down as a result of the wounding - for example, your emotional sensitivity, artistic creativity, or some other aspect of your true personality - these things are still “stuffed down”, even now in your adulthood, even though the threats of your childhood life have long since past.

This “stuffing down of a part of you” - not being who you fully, truly are - this is the actual cause of your current blockage and continued suffering in life, and this is the part of your wound that is actually still addressable and reversible, if you have the right tools for reflection and insight.

Once you can identify this valid, yet stuffed down, part of you - and then actually recover it back to you fully - you will feel a powerful sense of wholeness, inner healing and above all, relief - relief that the “something missing” you have always felt in your life is back again, and relief that you have all your sovereign powers gathered together again, for you to live a fully expressed life of thriving, joy and bliss - the life you actually deserve.


What Do I Get?

The 7-Day Healing Program includes everything you will need to learn and go through the healing method, all on your own power, without having to rely on any cooperation or reconciliation from the outside world.  

The core program is 5 hours of audio and video training sessions, paced out over 7 days - but you can go as fast or slow as you like because your access to the program does not expire - you can take a month or even a year to go through the program at the pace that feels most comfortable for you.

Also, as you learn the healing methods, you will be sure to have questions - about your own wounding pattern from your own life history, and how to heal from your own unique patterns.

To address the questions that we know will come up, we have also included - beyond the 7-day program - an extra “Going Deeper” bonus section which is a collection of over 180 additional sessions where we give in-depth answers to the most common and pressing questions we have encountered in our work over the years, with the over 20,000 advisees that have already come through the program.

This amounts to over 50 additional hours of support sessions that you have unlimited access to in the program - you do not have to watch all 50 hours of course (it's a lot haha!) but when you do have a specific personal question that we know will come up, chances are that it will be thoroughly covered in the additional 50 hours of the extra “Going Deeper” bonus section of the program.

The cost of the program is $297 for lifetime access to the entire program - including the added bonus section - and that you get access to it all immediately so you can start your life-changing healing process right away.


Fully Guaranteed

The 7-Day Healing Program is fully guaranteed - if you are not happy with the program for any reason in the first 60 days, just email us and we will process an easy and stress-free refund.


Begin the 7-Day Healing Program 


Finally: The Importance of Starting Now

What is it worth to get your deep, core lifelong wound within you - finally healed? 

What is it worth to have the thing that has been holding you back your whole life - finally identified, acknowledged, recovered and reconciled with?

And - to be able to do this, all on your own sovereign power, not relying on anyone else, fully privately and confidentially, with skills and methods you will learn once and have forever - for your own defense and self-protection, all throughout the rest of your life?

When you have the chance to fully heal your deepest wounds - the fact that you are even reading these words - it means you are ready for the next step of your journey - and it is my bliss and my meaning and purpose to be by your side to help you achieve this next profound level of self-healing, to recover your own authentic self in all its wholeness and power, so that you can unblock your life and finally have the full thriving life you were actually meant to live.

This is what I've done for thousands of others, and I hope to get to support you through it too. Thank you so much, and I'll see you in the program!

Begin the 7-Day Healing Program 



Begin the 7-Day Healing Program


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much time does the program take?

Each day’s main session is only about 20-30 minutes, and then I give you some questions to reflect on throughout the day – the most powerful insights tend to come when you are reflecting on your own, while going about your regular day.


Do I still have access to the program after 7 days? What if I fall behind?

You can take your time in going through the program – your access does not expire.


Is it just for people with “serious trauma”?

Not at all – this program is a set of tools for reflection and insight, for anyone who would like to reconcile with their own inner “negative voice” in a nurturing and productive manner.  

Also, this program is not “therapy” and not a substitute for any form of medical treatment – it is only general advising.


Is this program suitable for kids?

While this program is appropriate for any age, I recommend that parents experience the program for themselves first, and then consider the specialized program I offer specifically for parents.



If you have any questions, you may email me anytime at, and I look forward to hearing from you!