The 7-Day Healing Program

  • The Importance of Starting Now

    What is it worth to get your deep, core lifelong wound within you - finally healed? 

    What is it worth to have the thing that has been holding you back your whole life - finally identified, acknowledged, recovered and reconciled with?

    And - to be able to do this, all on your own sovereign power, 
    not relying on anyone else, 
    fully privately and confidentially,
    with skills and methods you will learn once and have forever -
    for your own defense and self-protection, 
    all throughout the rest of your life?

    When you have the chance to fully heal your deepest wounds -
    the fact that you are even reading these words
    it means you are ready for the next step of your journey -
    and it is my bliss and my meaning and purpose
    to be by your side to help you achieve this next profound level of self-healing, 
    to recover your own authentic self in all its wholeness and power,
    so that you can unblock your life
    and finally have the full thriving life
    you were actually meant to live.

    This is what I've done for thousands of others,
    and I hope to get to support you through it too.

    Thank you so much, and I'll see you in the program!


    About Artie Wu
    A father, meditation teacher, international speaker, and
    former founder and CEO of two Silicon Valley tech companies,
    Artie Wu began Preside Life in 2011 as a hobby-project.

    Over a decade later, he has taught and guided over 100,000 advisees around the world,
    many of whom have taken his signature online program -
    7-Day Healing.

    With degrees from Harvard and Stanford, 
    his passion is advising and guiding people of all ages and backgrounds
    on their lifelong journeys from healing to bliss.

    Artie has been featured in the film,
    Transcendence 2: Life Beyond the Ordinary,
    as an expert on finding your bliss,
    and also taught at the 2020 Embodiment Conference.

    Most recently, he has also been 
    featured in the
    2021 Total Wellness Summit by the Food Matters Network,
    speaking on the topic of “Healing Trauma, Addiction and Finding Lasting Bliss".

    His online programs on relationships,
    how to make big life decisions,
    and managing anxiety

    have been transformative for advisees all around the world.