Private Study Groups

Private Study Groups

Private Study Groups are a special opportunity for Preside students to work with Artie on a one-on-one basis. They are month-long sessions led in small cohorts, following a structured curriculum with Artie advising each student via email. They are fully compatible with all schedules and timezones.

If you are a Study Group Alum, you are always welcomed to retake your program at any point in the future, in order to keep your skills fresh.

Private Study Groups are offered by invitation-only for alums and current participants of the Open Study Group or Beginning Healing Series.

Sleep Study Group

Very often, a first, pressing need is to improve the quality of one’s sleep. The goal of the Sleep Study Group is to equip Preside students with a powerful, lifelong toolkit for sleeping well.

Participants are taught a set of powerful, yet simple exercises – all fully guided – to help them fall asleep reliably and also get back to sleep once they have awakened in the middle of the night.

Zero Minute Meditation

For students who have neither the time nor inclination to “sit for meditation” every day – but who still need the calm of meditation, we offer another program called Zero Minute Meditation, which teaches a specialized style of meditation which you do in the background of your attention, so that you can do it even while checking your phone, running errands or doing email — this is why it takes “zero minutes”.

Zero Minute has been taught to CEOs, university professors, physicians, and families and children from grade school up through college. It is the premier program for high-performance professionals and students who have “no time to meditate” – but still need to balance and manage their daily stress levels in a healthy and natural manner.

Calm Study Group

For students who have trouble taking up any kind of meditation, but who are still looking for stress and anxiety relief, we offer a third program called the Calm Study Group, where we teach an array of techniques to engage and calm the anxious mind directly — without the use of any meditation.

Calm is the ideal program for those who are stressed to the point where they are “too stressed to meditate” – their anxious inner voice makes it all but impossible to sit for a 5-min meditation, or even a background Zero Minute Meditation.

Even for this kind of specialized need, the Calm Study Group can help – to get the calm of meditation, without having to actually meditate.

Clarity Study Group

Finally, for students who are more advanced in their practice and looking to go deeper, we offer the Clarity Study Group, which teaches advanced (but still accessible) techniques, designed to help the student explore the deeper foundations of their “inner voice”, along with the opportunity to experience firsthand the “Ocean of Bliss” in deep meditation – and even how to reintegrate this profound experience back into the everyday flow of their normal daily life.

To be invited to join a future cohort of any Study Group, please first subscribe to the Open Study Group series below.