labyrinth mockup - indecisiveness - 5 min video mockup

Indecisiveness and How to Heal It

(5 min video mockup)


video is embedded here 

main points in 5 min:

- indecisiveness is not incompetence or weakness

- it is the good-faith stalemate of powerful forces within you, all of which are reasonable

- you have the rocket engines they are just pointed against each other, the firepower is there!!

 - the key to reconciling it is to more deeply understand the driver, the force of logic behind each choice or path - and most of the time (not always) the key driver is fear - fear of not getting something, fear of losing something, fear of getting hurt or being in pain

- the good news is that all sides, both sides love you and want the best for you - even "self sabotage" is not malicious but trying to save you from an even bigger thing you are afraid of - if i get this promotion my life will change if i make too much money people wont love me for me etc etc

- there is always a deeper fear

- so the trick is to take each side and ask it what the deeper fear is and if you have done 7-day healing we have all the tools from day 3 to get into this in very powerful detail

- but the most common deeper fear that i've run into in the thousands of people i've worked with is fear of loss of love - that if i get the promotion i will lose love somehow and if i don't get the promotion i will also lose love and be less worthy of love

- so both sides fear loss of love feat the same thing just in different ways which is why its not weakness - its a stalemate of power - self-protective power - within you

- which is why its so exciting - you have the power!!

- and we also know from day 5 of 7-day healing that you cannot actually lose love - you can lose emotional validation but you cannot lose love - actual love is unconditional - and we cover that in day 5

- losing validation is also bad but the severity is much lower - it still stinks but its fine it not life or death - if you feel you will actually lose LOVE - now thats life or death but its not actually possible and we explain that in day 5 of 7-day healing


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