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Indecisiveness and How to Heal It

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 here are the additional videos that go into more detail on this topic:


"I am really indecisive"

"Hi, people have said to me multiple times that i am so indecisive and i think they have a point. I tend to change my decision 180 degrees more than one time before i stop. It seems weird to people. I feel that my board members can not come to one decision and i as a CEO am not able to make a decision. What can i do to improve my decision making. Thanks!"


"At odds with conflicting expectations"

"This is a loaded question.. I am a professional that looks like he has his stuff in order in my office , when dealing with people..But if things aren't perfect and in an order I know how to deal with, outside my office I go into panic mode.. I freak out and don't know what to do.. I can get depressed from not knowing how to deal with a situation.. A little on my background ..I had a major head trauma as a child leaving me with learning difficulties and memory issues making me think i was stupid ( I know now i am not) 5 years old i had an authority figure tell me that i would never make it into university..btw i graduated with tears .. i still get emotional charged with these issues and also when i see others who have major challenges and have been given an other chance, or overcome themselves.. i did have a parent that i believe i was his favorite but could never keep up to his standards of pleasing him till today..i am now in my 40's ..divorced because of not being able to deal with certain life challlenges. and man up in certain ways..afraid or panic when i have to take directions or figure things out..i go BLANK.. I believe I also sabotage my financial success and don't know what to do ..i get very scattered when i believe something could help"

"Board is torn between being competent and achieving vs feminine and passive"

"I think my inner board is kind of confused, since some of the members think that I will be loved only if I'm competent, (over)achieving and (over)responsible. At the same time, another part thinks I'm only loved if I'm feminine, receiving and passive. Since these are the opposite states of being I end up thinking I can never be fully loved - I need to choose either or and lose part of myself at the same time. What can I do?"

"Board members debating relationship freedom vs emotional commitment and security"

"I found out that there is a board member that wants freedom and also one that wants a close and fixed relationship. And when I inquire where it comes from, the wanting to feel aloneness is also because that I didn't get much warmth in my original family. So at this stage I don't know whether wanting freedom is a defense mechanism to avoid feeling and be in the wound... and if going either way completely will not satisfy the whole me. Is my interpretation correct?"
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