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Food Disorders and Body Image Wounds

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When a person suffers from food disorders and body image wounds, it is often seen as a form of self-loathing and low self-esteem

However, at an even deeper level, body image wounds are also a form of misguided self-love and self-protection, where a panicked, protective part of you, fearing attack from the outside, uses the body and its "perfect" image as a shield against external shaming and wounding, out of a sense of self-love, to protect the "rest of you" from harm

The key problem with this approach is not a lack of self-love, but a misunderstanding that the body is just a "thing", like a vehicle you ride in, and can be used and abused as an image shield because it is not fully a "part of you"

The reality is that the body IS you - and when it is violated and abused in any way, even by your own self, then you are wounded too

The key to healing body image wounds is to reclaim one's sense of "body" as being actually "me" - and to go even further, to regard it no longer as an "it" but rather, as a "thou" - where the body is a valid part of you, with its own mind and heart, and as vulnerable and in need of protection as the rest of you, and worthy of your fierce protectiveness and non-violation

In this 5-min video, Artie will share the basic method for achieving this inner transformation, and how to protect your body from betrayal and violation, even from your own inner self

Video here or click to watch