labyrinth mockup - eating disorder - 5 min video mockup

Food Disorders and Body Image Wounds

(5 min video mockup)


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main points in 5 min:

- So when we talk about food disorders and body image wounds, in the context of 7-day healing, one of the big factors is that in the process of using "perfection of body" as a shield against criticism or shaming, we use the body as a tool as literally a shield ie as a THING, to defend us from outside attack

- and the problem with this is that the body is us to - it isn't a thing - in many ways my body is the most "me" thing there is

- and so it needs our protection also and love and yet we use it like this dead lifeless thing, like a car, a vehcile -0 the thing we ride in but that is not actually us

- but its not true - we are the body and the body is us

- so a key transformation is to shift our view of the body form being an it to being a thou - an other - a part of us a counterpart, fully valid and worthy of our respect and love and protection

- and as a counterpart it has its on mind and heart and you can literally talk to your body - metaphorically speaking - and ask it questions and if you have never done this the first time you do it you will get an earful

- it will be like barfing out there is so much the body wants to say to you - so many things so many abuses so many hurts it has suffered at your own hands that it will finally get its "day in court with you" :) :)

- but you don;t hav to be afraid the body obvioiusly loves you you're still here still alive it obviosuly hasnt given up on you :) :) 

- ive worked with hundreds of people who have had this issue and when they finally sit down and "talk" to the body in the very specific way we teach in 7-day healing program, 

- the number one complaint and agonizing pain the body will come back with - the greivance the JUST GREIVANCE of the body is that

- i feel like you only love me conditionally - you don;t love me no matter what

- only if i'm slim hot and tall buff whatever

- and i am your BODY - i make your life possible - to enjoy food wine sex life, wind in your hair sun on your face, everything

- and you piss on my and yet i still keep taking care of you

- i I love YOU without condition, but YOU don't love ME without condition


- so then, this is part of what comes out in the 7-day healing program when it is specifically applied to body image wounds

- and the question then is what does your body actually have to say when you finally regard it, not as an it but as a thou and allow it to have its say?

- and then even after that, how do you come back in to reconciliation, so that you will never do this to your own self again and actually come into a deep lifelong harmony with your body, at long last?

- it would be incredible, right?

- now if you are in the full monthly program of 7-day healing you can login and see more detailed videos on the topic of how to do this engagement and interview with your body, the specific techniques for how to attain full inner reconciliation with your body, and even ask your own specific personal question in our weekly live Q&A session with me


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