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Indecisiveness and How to Heal It

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When a person is "always indecisive", they will often beat themselves up as well, for being "weak and incompetent" because of their indecision.

However, deep indecision is not the result of weakness, it is actually the result of a powerful inner strength and integrity - the only problem being that the strength within you is evenly divided between two (or more) perfectly reasonable paths and - because of your integrity - none of these paths within you is willing to back down.

So it is your strength and integrity that is causing the "stuckness" and indecision.

The key to healing indecision is not to brute-force suppress one or another path within you, but rather to find the deeper fear or worry that is driving each path, and to reconcile all the worries, at their deeper root, where there is often no conflict.

In this 5-min video, Artie will share the basic method for achieving this reconciliation, and also share the most common overall fear/worry that is at the deepest root of most indecisiveness.


Video here or click to watch