Four Exclusive Bonus Sessions for the Life Decisions Program

Four Exclusive Bonus Sessions for the Life Decisions Program

For a limited time, when you purchase the Life Decisions Program you will also get these four exclusive bonus sessions, to amplify the power of the program in your life even more:

Bonus #1: Embodied Life Decision Making

How to use cues from your body and “felt sense” to guide you in making your big life decisions. 
The body never lies - but we are trained to ignore its cues. 
This session will give you a method for consulting your body “as an oracle” and a “definitive life compass” to help you find the highest path of your best life, every time

Bonus #2: Special Meditation Technique for Breakthrough Insights

Learn a special technique for using meditation to generate stunning, breakthrough insights for whatever the “#1 biggest problem in your life” is, at any given time.  

This technique is compatible with any form of unguided, solo meditation style you may prefer.

Very doable even if you have zero meditation experience.

Bonus #3: Quickfire Method for Finding Your Bliss

Learn a special “quickfire method” for how to find the “Golden Thread” overall direction of your highest life purpose. 

Knowing this overall direction will then help guide you in making your big life decisions all along your life path, with the confidence that you are at least going in the right direction of your highest bliss, even if you do not have the entire vision of your bliss fully clarified yet.

Bonus #4: Using Your Dreams to Guide Your Big Life Decisions

When you are in a major life decision making process, your dreams will often “fire up” to assist you and guide you, but all too often, we miss their powerful messages.  

This session will help you decipher the more powerful themes and patterns that come up in dreams during challenging periods in our lives, so you can benefit from this powerful source of wisdom and guidance, from within your own inner self.

These Four Exclusive Bonuses are not available for separate purchase, and are only available during this limited-time promotional offer.

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