The Healing In Relationships Program

  • Is this program for couples or can I do it by myself?

    The Healing in Relationships Program is designed to be done by an individual on their own, whether they are currently single or in a relationship. You may share your sessions with your partner as you feel so moved, but your login to the program is “owned” by only you.



    What if my partner is unwilling to do this program with me?

    I generally recommend that you start this program by yourself, privately, first. The exercises will tend to give you a kind of “x-ray vision” into the true issues and “emotional physics” in your relationship, which you may or may not be ready to engage with your current partner on.

    After you have done a few weeks of the program, you will have a wealth of tools and frameworks to start to “make a plan” as to how best to approach your partner with all of this, in a way where they will be eager to participate and not just begrudgingly dragged in.



    Will this program help me heal after a breakup?

    Typically after a breakup, there is a constant, painful stream of negative mental chatter and a running “review” of everything that happened in the relationship, why it happened, whose “fault” it was, and what could have been done differently. This is often accompanied by fear:  fear of it happening with the same person over again, and also, fear of this same painful pattern happening over and over again with multiple future partners.


    This program is specifically designed to engage and answer the negative mental chatter very directly and in a way which will relieve your emotional pain. It is also designed to address the deep, core issues that are driving your fear of the same patterns happening over and over again, with the same or different partners in the future.



    How much time does the program take every week?

    The sessions run about 30-60 minutes each week with additional time on your own to do the exercises. Also, your access to the sessions does not expire, so you can take your time and spend more than 1 week on each section.



    Is there an option to get direct advising from Artie if the need arises?

    Yes. Healing in Relationships advisees are able to also enroll for Live Group Advising (weekly, online video Q&A sessions in small groups) for additional cost, and you will get updates on group availability after you join the main program.



    Do I still have access to the sessions after 12 weeks?  What if I fall behind?

    You can take your time in going through the sessions – your access to the core sessions does not expire.



    I am deciding between this program and 7-Day Healing, which should I choose?

    I generally recommend Option 2 of the 7-Day Healing Program first, unless there is an acute, painful issue around relationships that needs to be addressed more urgently.  An acute issue could be a critical phase of your relationship that needs insight and support right now, or a post-breakup period of deep reflection that calls for a fresh perspective and calming point of view.