Philoctetes and Bliss

Philoctetes and Bliss

This is an excerpt from the Live Sacred Space session titled "Economic Crisis and the Sacred Aspect of Money" given on May 17, 2020




"The path of the golden thread is not something that you should do. The path of the golden thread is something that you will do.”


"The profane society threatens with all its power in the profane to not ask the question of desire. Need and want? Sure. Fine. And we end up with a society where people have no idea what their bliss is. They have no idea, there is even this 'thing' called a bliss." 


“When you actually realize your bliss for yourself, and you see the enormity of the larger pattern, the larger mythos around you, then ironically, you actually just surrender. No more fear, threat or control. You just surrender anyway. That's the power of the mythos. That's the power of the Sacred.”