Paris June 2023 Retreat Info

Paris "Health and Wealth Week" 2023 Retreat Info

Here are some photos of the private home where we will be having our Paris Retreats, June 26-July 2, 2023 in the La Varenne St Hilaire area:



The cost of each 3-day retreat is $1,200 and includes full-day attendance for each day, including lunch and snacks.

This fee does not include the cost of travel, lodging or other meals (breakfast/dinners) and for lodging, there are many great Airbnb options in the nearby area.



For full info on the agenda and topics of the retreat, please see these pages for Money Healing and Body Healing



Here is a Google map link to the general neighborhood we will be in, to help you find the AirBnB that will be most convenient for you:  

La Varenne St Hilaire

AirBnBs near La Varenne St Hilaire

Our hostess also recommends a nearby small hotel which is very reasonably priced and about a 7-min walk away:

Hotel St. Alban



Uber is widely available in Paris and a great and easy option for getting to and from the retreat site if you choose to stay a little farther away - just enter your destination and the driver will take you there, no French needed and the payment is cashless through the Uber app. :)


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Please review the Retreat Terms and Conditions in order to accept your invitation


Here are some comments from attendees of our first Napa Valley Retreat this past November:

“I feel doing a retreat with you Artie was one of the most life-changing events in my life... as we were a small group speaking all the same language… the amount of progress I made was phenomenal.

And as we were all holding sacred space for each other, it gave us the time and the courage to go deep into the core of healing, knowing that we are safe, as Artie is right there (!!!)

Giving deep insights to each individual upon his/her path and through the group sessions - learning from and sharing each other's experiences!!

I will be forever grateful for being part of this experience.”

Nancy T, Paris, France

“If safely identifying your deepest wound and learning to transform that wound into your greatest strength and source of fulfillment sounds good to you- this is the essence of Artie’s warm, personable retreats. 

For me, the retreat was nothing less than sacred, powerful and enlightening. Artie has a way of demystifying the deepest of inner work. His retreats are for anyone who wants to bring more bliss into their daily lives.”

Rachel S, Washington State, USA

"I felt so comfortable that I’m not sure what would have made me more so. I felt safe, protected, welcomed, included, honored- it was really an incredible experience.

Learning about the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine suppression patterns was really powerful in accessing my relationship wounding.

And for giving me an understanding of the real role that the feminine and masculine are meant to play in the world.

Circumambulation and labyrinth were powerful in that I learned that pain and darkness don’t necessarily mean I’m doing something wrong, but can be messages that I’m on the right path, that I’m headed in the right direction."

Brook H, San Francisco, USA


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Please review the Retreat Terms and Conditions in order to accept your invitation