NYC 2019 Retreat

NYC 2019 Retreat Agenda

Our NYC Retreat will be held on May 3-5, 2019, at a beautiful industrial designer space in the Dumbo/Vinegar Hill area of Brooklyn (York St F-Line Subway Stop)  

All sessions will be personally led by Artie and participation is strictly limited to 15 attendees, with no video or livestreaming option for remote participation.

Here is a short video by Artie explaining the retreat in more detail, followed by a summary of each day's topics:


The following topics will be covered on each day:

Day 1:  7-Day Healing Deep Dive

On Day 1 we will do a deep-dive into the key concepts of 7-Day Healing with particular emphasis on the different forms of "Lost Board Member" and different forms of "Inner Bully," and how they interact and transform over time

We will pay particular attention to the shape of the healing process over time (circumambulation and the symbol of the labyrinth) and go deeply into the cases of our attendees in a small-group setting

We will practice holding sacred space for each other, where we will create an environment of powerful healing as we nurture each other in our journeys forward

Day 2:  Healing in Relationships

On Day 2 we will deep-dive into Healing in Relationships, using the special framework of "Inner Masculine" and "Inner Feminine" (IM/IF) as a way of describing two special cases of Lost Board Member and how each can be either a Lost Board Member or an Inner Bully in a person, regardless of their gender.

Said another way, every person, regardless of gender, will have an Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine within them (you could also call them yin/yang, soft/hard, left/right, etc), and if either (or both) of these are suppressed, it will have a profound impact on that person's relationships in the outer world - with partners and spouses, but also with parents, siblings and children, and in work/professional realms as well.

We will go through the cases of suppressed Inner Masculine and suppressed Inner Feminine in women and men alike, and then explore the combinations that attendees may find themselves in (ie "I have a suppressed inner masculine and my partner has suppressed inner feminine" etc) and discuss the major patterns that arise in any given combination of two people.

Once you understand your own IM/IF pattern, it will be a powerful lens for understanding the recurring patterns (good and bad) in the major relationships in your life - romantic relationships for sure, but also in your family (parents, siblings, children) and in your career (mentors, peers, direct reports).

Even further, when you are able to heal your IM/IF suppression pattern, it will lead to even more "unblock" and profoundly powerful flow in your life overall, as recurring patterns of frustration in all your relationships start to clear and amplify your life direction, not suppress it.

Day 3:  Inner Reconciliation and Unblocking Life Direction

On Day 3 we will embark on a profound process of Inner Reconciliation, where we look to reconcile the aspirations and fears of your inner visionary and inner bully/protector, and work to integrate their respective needs, wisdom and perspectives.

From this will emerge a powerful framework and "benchmark"  - personalized for each individual - by which you will be able to assess and fully decide on every major life decision you will face going forward in your life - with more confidence, joy and vision - and less fear, uncertainty and indecision.

These sessions will be the capstone of our three day journey together, and will equip us with a lifelong method for reconciling all the sources of our own inner wisdom, and aligning them to fully unblock our most powerful life direction at every single crossroads and decision point we will face going forward, all throughout the rest of our lives.


The cost of the 3-day retreat is $1,200 and includes full-day attendance for each day, including lunch and snacks.

This fee does not include the cost of travel, lodging or other meals (breakfast/dinners) and for lodging, there are many great Airbnb options in the nearby area.


Here are some comments from attendees of our first Napa Valley Retreat this past November:

“I feel doing a retreat with you Artie was one of the most life-changing events in my life... as we were a small group speaking all the same language… the amount of progress I made was phenomenal.

And as we were all holding sacred space for each other, it gave us the time and the courage to go deep into the core of healing, knowing that we are safe, as Artie is right there (!!!)

Giving deep insights to each individual upon his/her path and through the group sessions - learning from and sharing each other's experiences!!

I will be forever grateful for being part of this experience.”

Nancy T, Paris, France

“If safely identifying your deepest wound and learning to transform that wound into your greatest strength and source of fulfillment sounds good to you- this is the essence of Artie’s warm, personable retreats. 

For me, the retreat was nothing less than sacred, powerful and enlightening. Artie has a way of demystifying the deepest of inner work. His retreats are for anyone who wants to bring more bliss into their daily lives.”

Rachel S, Washington State, USA

"I felt so comfortable that I’m not sure what would have made me more so. I felt safe, protected, welcomed, included, honored- it was really an incredible experience.

Learning about the Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine suppression patterns was really powerful in accessing my relationship wounding.

And for giving me an understanding of the real role that the feminine and masculine are meant to play in the world.

Circumambulation and labyrinth were powerful in that I learned that pain and darkness don’t necessarily mean I’m doing something wrong, but can be messages that I’m on the right path, that I’m headed in the right direction."

Brook H, San Francisco, USA



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