Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the program take?

Each day’s session is only about 20-30 minutes, and then I give you some questions to reflect on throughout the day – the most powerful insights tend to come when you are reflecting on your own, while going about your regular day.

Is it just for people with “serious trauma”?

Not at all – this program is a set of tools for reflection and insight, for anyone who would like to reconcile with their own inner “negative voice” in a nurturing and productive manner. Also, this program is not “therapy” and not a substitute for any form of medical treatment – it is only general advising.

Which program option should I choose?

Unless there is a severe financial constraint, we generally recommend Option 2 – the Live Group Advising is a powerful channel for getting your specific questions addressed, and for discovering questions you did not know you had. You also get access to an immense archive of answered questions from past live sessions, spanning a vast range of topics including marriage and relationships, body image/food disorders, parent-child relationships, sibling relationships, managing anger, the role of chronic illness and health conditions, and how to rekindle your life motivation and purpose after the healing process.

If I choose the $25 option now, can I upgrade later?

Yes, as long as there are available spots.

I am in a different timezone, can I still do Live Group Advising (LGA)?

Yes. LGA Advisees submit their questions for the session all during the previous week, at any time. Then, the LGA session is recorded in high-definition video and a replay is posted for you, soon after the live session is over. Most LGA advisees actually do not attend live – they just post questions and then watch the replay at their convenience, regardless of the timezone they are in.

Do I still have access to the sessions after 7 days? What if I fall behind?

You can take your time in going through the sessions – your access to the core sessions does not expire.

Will this program help me with my relationship? Or with my workplace issues?

As you heal your inner wounds and inner “negative voice”, the outer world around you will tend to realign gradually, to reflect your healed inner reality.

I am only interested in 1:1 Email Advising, when will a spot become available?

There is typically a 7-8 month waitlist for 1:1 Email Advising, and I encourage you to sign up for Live Group Advising first, for two reasons:

1. Live Group Advisees always get first priority for new 1:1 openings, as they have already made a commitment

2. You start your healing process right away, and so when we do go into 1:1 Email Advising, we can make the most of our time together and go even further

Is this program suitable for kids?

While this program is appropriate for any age, I recommend that parents experience the program for themselves first, and then consider the program I offer specifically for parents.