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What Is It?

The Body Healing Program is designed to help you decode and understand the deeper signals of your body, when it flares up with anxiety, pain, illness, insomnia and any other issue that disrupts your life so much, that it is impossible for you to just “stuff it down and carry on as normal”.

The goal is to help you see these disrupting issues of the body not as failures per se, but as potential messages, and to open to your body as a partner, guide and muse in your life.

If you have had a history of chronic issues around pain, insomnia, anxiety, weight gain and body image, and even blocked performance (athletic, professional or even sexual), the Body Healing Program will bring you to an altogether new level of clarity and power - not by “curing” these conditions, but by discerning the deeper archetype of the total pattern of your body issues, taken as a whole across the entire arc of your life, up to this point.

How Does It Work?

Every body disruption has two dimensions - the medical, and the mythopoetic.

The medical dimension is the realm of curing the issue and getting you back to “normal” - ie your previous status quo.

It is based in the physical sciences, is fully valid and has been fabulously successful in our modern era of history.

The mythopoetic dimension asks a different question.

Rather than asking “How do we make this body ailment go away?” the mythopoetic dimension asks “Why is this ailment even happening in the first place?” and “Why it is happening to me now, at this point in my life?”

And also, “Why is it happening to me in this particular way?”

For instance, why is it a problem with my ears and not my eyes?

Why is there a mass in my breast and not my shoulder?

Why am I gaining weight in this phase of my life and not in previous phases?

Why do I always have debilitating anxiety in this situation, but not that situation?

In other words, the deeper the question is not just how do I make the ailment stop (which is important!) but rather, why is it happening, and what is the deeper meaning of this pattern?

Is there a message that is trying to come through?

When we are unable to get the “message” of the body, it is often because we are taught in modern society to view our body as an inanimate thing, like a vehicle that we ride in but are somehow separate from, and a vehicle which we can push and whip and abuse - for prestige, for pleasure and out of fear of disappointing others.

And then when it fails, we roll our eyes and are just so exasperated at the failure of our bodies.

And we shame and vent at our bodies, with little compassion, and even less mercy.

But there is another way - a mythopoetic way - of looking at the body and its role in your life, which is that your body is not just a “dumb inanimate object” where you ride it as a passive “thing” and can abuse like a donkey or a car -

but rather where your body is a living partner and adviser and a source of powerful wisdom, that we have been taught to ignore and even stuff down and abuse and invalidate.

And so the question is, how do we learn to read the messages of our body - in illness certainly, but even way before that happens - even in our feeling and intuition, and in all the gentler signals - before the message even escalates to the point of illness and pain?

The Body Healing Program will help you do this - to recognize your precious and reverend body as a fully valid partner in your life, and a powerful source of wisdom and guidance, so you can finally decode and understand its messages to you and live the abundant, thriving life of fulfillment and higher purpose that you were always meant to live.


What Do I Get?

The Body Healing Program includes over 11 hours of detailed, step-by-step guidance so it is very comprehensive.

However, the training is spread out over 40+ individual sessions, so that it is organized into very small and easy-to-absorb chunks - the average length of each session is only 15 minutes, so you can easily move through the program at your own most comfortable pace.

There are also printable worksheets so you can do the key healing and reflection exercises we will teach you during the program, so you have a written journal of your own process to come back to and refine and update over time.

Your access to the program does not expire, so you can use exercises to help you with the major body issues you are grappling with right now, but then also come back to the program, again and again, to support you with every other major body issue you will face in the future, all throughout the rest of your life!


Fully Guaranteed

The Body Healing Program is fully guaranteed - if you are not happy with the program for any reason in the first 60 days, just email us and we will process an easy and stress-free refund.


Limited-Time Bonus Offer

For a limited time, when you purchase the Body Healing Program you will also get these six exclusive bonus sessions, to amplify the power of the program in your life even more:

Bonus #1: How To Stop Your Body From Sabotaging You

Bonus #2: Overcoming the Burden of Weight and Body Image for Women

Bonus #3: The Connection Between Body Healing and Food Issues

Bonus #4: When Your Body is a Part of Your Livelihood - Professional Athletes and Influencers

Bonus #5: How to Tell When Body Anxiety is a Warning About Life Direction - An Example

Bonus #6: Clearing Sexual Blockage in the Body and the Role of Dreams - An Example


These Six Exclusive Bonuses are not available for separate purchase, and are only available during this limited-time promotional offer


Finally: The Importance of Starting Now

What is it worth to finally be at peace with your body?

What is it worth to finally be able to understand the deeper message of all your body signals and flare-ups that you have had all throughout your entire life?

And also to finally know what to do about it - what the deeper direction and guidance behind it actually is?

When you miss the big signals from your body - the warnings, the protests, but also, the clues and the guidance -

These are the things that can make or break our paths in life, and whether we will just “survive and get by” in our lives or whether we will truly flourish and fulfill our deeper bliss, and meaning and purpose in life.

On the journey of healing your lifelong partnership with your body, you deserve the best guidance and support you can get, to help you finally decode and understand the mythopoetic signs of your body - as an enduring and powerful life skill - so you can have the thriving life of fulfillment and bliss you were always meant to have.



If you have any questions, you may email me anytime at, and I look forward to hearing from you!