Continuing Healing Series Original Note

The Continuing Healing Series is a program designed to support and accelerate your self-healing journey, with a special collection of techniques, exercises and powerful meditations provided on an ongoing monthly basis.


This program is not therapy, and not intended to treat any medical condition of any kind. Instead, it aims to provide a framework of deep insight and nurturing guidance to support your own self-healing process along the path of the Five Levels of Healing.

The Power of Inner Narrative

A major focus of the Continuing Healing Series is to give you a set of powerful tools and models to help you “tell the story” of your inner conflict and self-negativity in a profound and forward-looking manner — to “get it sorted out” if you will — and to turn it from a complicated tangle of obsessive shielding habits and unhealthy soothing addictions, into a powerful and organizing vision for your life.


Over the course of the series, you will develop a powerful inner narrative for understanding all that you’ve been through (and why), and this narrative will then allow you to develop a powerful life vision for where you must go next — and why.

Opening to the Negative

The Continuing Healing Series approach is not about smothering your self-negative inner voice with a flood of positive affirmations, or numbing it with marathon meditations. Instead, the approach is focused on learning powerful ways to listen to your negative inner voice, in order to faithfully tell its story, as an integral part of your unique personal history.

This profound path of self-listening is what will then begin the process of healing and reconciliation with the wounded, exiled part of you. The part you need to find and recover to yourself, in order to be whole again.

The act of “opening to the negative” within you can be terrifying, and understandably so — many of us have spent our lives running in fear from inner pain — numbing it with wine and pills, and drowning it out with career and drama.

But if you have the right set of tools and guidance, the process can actually be a source of profound relief — and even enjoyable!

You Are Already Doing It

In many ways, the series of notes you’ve already been reading from me here can be thought of as the first, introductory set of tools for telling the “story” of how you got your wound (family, bullying), where it is located (competence, body, etc.) and how it has already impacted the path of your life (shielding, soothing) — all in a way that has been simple, non-scary and a source of insight and emotional relief.

The Continuing Healing Series takes this same approach, and goes even deeper to the task of actually healing the wound, by profoundly expanding the scope of your narrative. If you have enjoyed the perspective of these healing notes so far, you have only scratched the surface of this transformational approach.

The Next Step

If you feel the Continuing Healing Series may be a good fit for you, please email me directly at and I would be happy to send you the first healing exercise of the series, to see how you like it.

Thank you so much, and I look forward to connecting with you.