Circumambulation and the Labyrinth

“Circumambulation is a way to characterize the shape of a healing path, shape of a transformation path, but also just the shape of life.

“Healing processes, processes of bliss, processes of transformation follow these wiggly, zigzag paths because they're organic.

They are intrinsically non-linear, less like building a skyscraper and more organic, more like making wine.

You put stuff in, you prepare everything and then magic kind of happens from there.

And your job, while the magic is happening, is basically to leave it alone. And protect it.

You hold space for yourself to go through the circumambulatory process.”

“When you use symbols like the labyrinth as a lens to see your life through, your entire life becomes sacralized.

The entirety of your life, the victories, the setbacks, all happen within sacred space."

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