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For a limited time, when you purchase the 7-Day Healing Program you will also get these six exclusive Bonus Sessions, to amplify the power of the program and healing methods in your life even more.

These Bonus Sessions are not available for separate purchase - they are only available during this limited-time promotional offer:

Bonus #1: 

How To Stop Being 

Taken Advantage Of

When you have trouble saying “no” to others’ requests and demands, it often leads to your being taken advantage of, stretched thin, and unappreciated by others.  

This is called “people pleasing” and having weak boundaries and self-protection, which is caused by a specific kind of childhood emotional wounding. 

In this 2-hour bonus section, we will cover both why it happens and how to stop it - with a focus on recovering the “guardian/protector” part of your inner self so you can defend your boundaries and reclaim the power of your “no” - a incredible relief when you have finally learned how to do it!


Bonus #2: 

How To Speak Your Truth 

Without Fear

When you have trouble “speaking your truth” and asking for what you really need - from other people, but even from your own self - this is known as “losing the power of your voice” 

This special bonus section - a full two additional hours of video sessions - will provide a detailed understanding of why your voice may have been suppressed and by what kind of childhood wounding pattern, and how “using your full power voice” sounds, and how it actually feels.

Most importantly, it will also illustrate how to fully recover the power of your voice so that this powerful part of your true inner self - your true voice - can fully protect you and advance you in your highest purpose in life.


Bonus #3: 

How To Manage 

Unhealthy Anger

When we have any lifelong emotional wound from early life, we will often have a deep and powerful anger over the unfairness of how we were wounded, pressured, shamed and neglected by others, especially when we were younger and most unable to defend ourselves.

We often suppress this anger because we fear its destructive power, and yet it still explodes out of us from time to time, blasting our loved ones, colleagues and even our own inner selves with our pent-up rage.

This special bonus will dive deeply into the details of healing this kind of profound anger - how it happens, how to heal it - and what changes may need to be made as the anger resolves and recedes in your life.


Bonus #4: 

How To Rediscover 

Your Intrinsic Self-Love

When we have self-sabotage or harsh self-criticism, it often feels like we “do not love ourselves” and it leads us to being discouraged even more - how can we improve and heal, if we do not actually even love ourselves in the first place?? 

And how can we “learn to love ourselves” as adults if we were never encouraged to do this in childhood?

This bonus will dive deeply into the “physics” of self-love, and reveal, demonstrate and prove how our self-love has always actually been there - and still is here - but it has simply been misunderstood and hidden - even as it has still been working discreetly, to protect you and support you in subtle and surprising ways!


Bonus #5: 

How To Stop 

Lifelong Self-Sabotage

What are the root causes of self-sabotage?  

What does it really mean when we “sabotage” what we thought we wanted to do or achieve?

This bonus will give a number of in-depth examples and techniques to help us understand the true cause of self-sabotage, and how to transform the “inner saboteur” within you, into your greatest ally and supporter for helping you to realize your highest life vision and bliss.


Bonus #6:  

How To Manage 

Excessive Anxiety

Where does excessive anxiety come from and how do we stop it? 

This bonus will go deeply into what the real “signal and message” of constant anxiety actually is - and how to decode and then act on that internal signal and message. 

The beauty is that once you understand the deeper meaning and message of your anxiety, not only will the anxiety calm down, but you will also have the content of the message to guide you forward in your life path.


These Six Exclusive Bonuses are each a collection of 2 hours of additional video sessions, for a total of 12 additional hours of advising sessions and they not available for separate purchase - they are only available during this limited-time promotional offer.


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