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    – See the deep-dive questions (and solutions) experienced by past advisees – about the impact of emotional wounds on self-esteem, holding personal boundaries, anger management, recovering the power of your voice, resolving insomnia, calming anxiety and reconciling self-sabotage

    5+ Hours of Audio and Video Core Trainings

    4 Sessions of Live 2-Hr Group Q&A Sessions Personally with Artie


    7-Day Program Focus by Day:

    - Day 1: Emotional Wounds and How They Drive Behavior

    - Day 2: The Language and Methods of Emotional Wounding

    - Day 3: Recovering Your Lost Self

    - Day 4: Your Parents Unconditional Love

    - Day 5: The Powerful Reality of Self Love

    - Day 6: The Power of Rescripting

    - Day 7: How to Track Your Healing Process Over Time

    Extra Limited-Time Bonus!  For a limited time, we will add exclusive access to 250+ hours of additional archive Q&A advising content during your bonus period - hundreds of additional topics including relationship healing, resolving family wounds and issues, managing workplace toxicity, finding your life direction and purpose after healing, and much more!


    About Artie Wu:


    A father, meditation teacher, international speaker, and former founder and CEO of two Silicon Valley tech companies, Artie Wu began in 2011 as a hobby-project. A decade later, he has taught and guided over 100,000 advisees around the world, many of whom have taken his signature online program 7-Day Healing

    With degrees from Harvard and Stanford, his passion is advising and guiding people of all ages and backgrounds on their lifelong journeys from healing to bliss. 

    Artie has been featured in the Gaia film, Transcendence 2: Life Beyond the Ordinary, as an expert on finding your bliss, and also taught at the 2020 Embodiment Conference. His online programs on relationships, parenting, sleep, and finding calm have been transformative for advisees all around the world.

    In the midst the current global health crisis in March 2020, Artie began a free, online Sunday morning talk called “Live Sacred Space” in order to offer comfort in times of uncertainty and fear.   Weekly topics range from healing money wounds, to the power of reclaiming your voice, to readings of world myths and fairy tales through a mythopoetic lens.