Join the 7-Day Healing Program with 4 Weeks of Group Advising via Weekly Online Q&A

  • – Submit your personal questions, privately and anonymously

    – See the questions of other advisees – about the impact of emotional wounds on relationships, career path, finances and family

    – Hear Artie answer questions via live video, in a weekly group advising session (also recorded for your convenience)

    2.5 Hours of Audio Lessons

    Day Breakdown:

    - Day 1: Emotional Wounds and How They Drive Behavior

    - Day 2: The Language and Methods of Emotional Wounding

    - Day 3: Recovering Your Lost Self

    - Day 4: Your Parents Unconditional Love

    - Day 5: The Powerful Reality of Self Love

    - Day 6: The Power of Rescripting

    - Day 7: How to Track Your Healing Process