Join the 7-Day Healing Program as an Auditor: 7-Day Audio Sessions Only with No Advising

  • 2.5 Hours of Audio Lessons

    Day Breakdown:

    - Day 1: Emotional Wounds and How They Drive Behavior

    - Day 2: The Language and Methods of Emotional Wounding

    - Day 3: Recovering Your Lost Self

    - Day 4: Your Parents Unconditional Love

    - Day 5: The Powerful Reality of Self Love

    - Day 6: The Power of Rescripting

    - Day 7: How to Track Your Healing Process

    About Artie Wu:

    Artie began meditating as a child and founded Preside Meditation in 2011 to teach a diverse array of methods to help people manage, heal, and empower their “inner voice.” 

    He has taught over 100,000 advisees globally, and given talks and lectures at numerous San Francisco Bay Area schools and medical centers, including the Nueva School, Stanford Children’s Hospital, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente.

    He has been most recently featured in the feature film Transcendence 2 where he discusses emotional healing and finding one's bliss.

    Artie is a 30-year meditator, has a background as a founder/CEO in technology startups and has degrees from Harvard and Stanford.